HubSpot's Acquisition of Clearbit: A Game-Changer in Data Enrichment

By Indira Carino

In a strategic move, HubSpot, the leading customer platform for scaling businesses, has successfully acquired Clearbit, a prominent B2B data provider. This acquisition signals HubSpot's commitment to enhancing data enrichment and solidifying its position as a central hub for business growth. In this blog article, we will explore the significance of this acquisition, its potential impact on competitors like ZoomInfo, and the unique offerings Clearbit brings to the table.


HubSpot's Acquisition of Clearbit: Transforming Data Enrichment

This acquisition will enable HubSpot to integrate rich third-party company data from Clearbit, providing HubSpot customers with a comprehensive understanding of their customers and prospects. This integration of Clearbit and HubSpot AI will create a unified platform that offers the most extensive context for users around their customers and prospects, making HubSpot the central source of truth for go-to-market.

Clearbit vs. ZoomInfo: A Comparative Analysis

Clearbit, much like ZoomInfo, is a SaaS company serving B2B marketing needs. However, Clearbit distinguishes itself in several significant ways:

  1. Quality Over Quantity: While Clearbit's database may not match ZoomInfo in size, it places a premium on data quality. Clearbit regularly updates and verifies information, ensuring accuracy in a dynamic business landscape. With 94% email deliverability, Clearbit excels in providing reliable data.

  2. Empowering Marketing Efforts: Clearbit's primary objective is to equip companies with tools that enhance their marketing data. Although not as sales-centric as ZoomInfo, Clearbit offers valuable features that cater to broader marketing needs.

Diving into Clearbit's Key Features:

a. Prospector - Target Accounts: Clearbit's Prospector feature excels at generating highly targeted contact lists, and streamlining outreach efforts by providing essential information.

b. Reveal Intent: Reveal is a unique feature that uncovers the identities of website visitors. It identifies businesses that have visited a website, even if they don’t self-identify, along with their industry and visit timings—a valuable asset for marketers seeking to gauge campaign effectiveness. 

c. Enrichment: Clearbit's enrichment feature facilitates real-time searches of customers and leads, even for individuals or companies not in Clearbit's database. It offers insights like names, locations, roles, biographies, and local times, simplifying lead qualification.

HubSpot's acquisition of Clearbit marks a significant step toward data enrichment excellence. By integrating Clearbit's capabilities into its platform, HubSpot aims to empower its users with comprehensive insights into their target audience. As Clearbit and HubSpot AI come together on a unified platform, customers can expect to access the most extensive context for their customers and prospects. Moreover, this integration will be gradually offered within HubSpot’s customer platform over time.

Clearbit's database may be smaller compared to some competitors, but its dedication to data quality and distinct features make it a potent asset in the B2B marketing landscape. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the ever-changing field of data enrichment.

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