HubSpot Update Rundown: Easier Navigation

By Arthur Rojas

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving regulatory landscapes, businesses face increasingly complex challenges in managing data privacy, security, and user access.

In response to these demands, HubSpot, a leading provider of marketing, sales, and customer service software, continues to innovate its platform to meet the diverse needs of its users. Recent updates from HubSpot introduce a range of features designed to enhance usability, streamline workflows, and bolster security measures.

From customisable deal names to real-time suspicious login alerts, these updates promise to empower users with greater control, flexibility, and peace of mind in their day-to-day operations.


Marketing Hub

Marketing Calendar Improvements

These updates are designed to streamline your experience and empower marketing teams to manage their schedules efficiently. Among the enhancements is a convenient "List view" feature, offering a comprehensive glance at events throughout the month. Additionally, we've adjusted the minimum height of the calendar to accommodate more events at once, enhancing visibility and productivity. Furthermore, we've reorganised certain buttons to optimise usability, ensuring a smoother navigation experience. 

Source: HubSpot

Why is this useful?

These enhancements are not just about aesthetics; they're about enhancing functionality and supporting marketing teams in staying synchronised with messaging, channel utilisation, and overall team objectives.

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A new metric for Marketers, Associated Deal Value

Today marks an exciting milestone for our Marketing Pro customers as we unveil a valuable addition to our analytics toolkit: 'Associated deal value.' This new metric is poised to offer deeper insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns by summing up the total deal value of all closed-won deals linked to a specific campaign. This enhancement isn't just about tracking metrics for the sake of it; it's about providing actionable data that empowers marketing professionals to make informed decisions and drive revenue growth. 

Source: HubSpot

Why is this useful?

With the introduction of associated deal value, our users gain a clearer understanding of the tangible impact their campaigns have on revenue generation. Whether you're evaluating the success of a recent campaign or fine-tuning your strategy for future endeavours, this metric equips you with the context needed to optimise your marketing efforts effectively.

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Audio Modules now available for Pages and Blogs

Source: HubSpot

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that will enhance your audience's multimedia experience: the ability to add an audio module to your website, landing pages, or blog posts.

How does it work?

With this update, you can seamlessly upload any audio file, enriching your content with dynamic sound elements. Whether you're sharing podcasts, interviews, music samples, or sound bites, the possibilities are endless. This addition isn't just about adding flair to your content; it's about fostering inclusivity and interactivity. By incorporating audio modules, you can engage users in new ways, catering to diverse preferences and accessibility needs.

Why is it useful?

Whether your goal is to captivate visitors, convey information more effectively, or simply spice up your content, the audio module empowers you to create immersive experiences that resonate with your audience. 

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Sales Hub

Deal Pipelines now have rules

With the latest update, you can now set and manage rules for your pipelines, empowering you to fine-tune your processes and safeguard the integrity of your data. These rules aren't just about adding complexity; they're about enhancing your pipeline management, enabling you to optimise reporting, streamline workflows based on pipeline stages, and, crucially, ensure data integrity. 

Source: HubSpot

Why is it useful?

By leveraging these rules, admins can implement stage-driven workflows that align with their business requirements, minimising errors and maximising efficiency. Whether you're overseeing a small team or managing a complex sales operation, these pipeline rules offer a flexible and customisable solution to meet your needs. Say goodbye to manual oversight and hello to automated controls that empower you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Currencies API

HubSpot is excited to announce the launch of the currencies API, a powerful tool that revolutionises the management of multicurrency experiences within our platform. With the introduction of this API, HubSpot users gain unprecedented control over their currency settings, allowing for seamless management of company currencies, creation of additional currencies, and real-time updates of currency exchange rates.

This new functionality opens up a world of possibilities for our customers, offering a more efficient and automated approach to currency management. Gone are the days of manual entry and updates; with the currencies API, users can now link directly to trusted sources for exchange rate data and schedule automatic updates, ensuring that their account reflects the most accurate market rates without the need for manual intervention. 

Why is it useful?

This not only streamlines operations but also minimises the risk of human error or missed updates, providing peace of mind for businesses operating in multiple currencies. Whether you're a small startup or a global enterprise, the currencies API empowers you to take control of your multicurrency experience in HubSpot like never before.

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Mobile Sales Enhancements

HubSpot is thrilled to announce significant enhancements to the mobile sales email experience within our mobile app, empowering sales representatives to connect with prospects and clients seamlessly while on the go.

Following the introduction of the ability to reply and reply-all to contacts earlier this year, we have continued to expand and refine the feature set, elevating the mobile sales email experience to new heights. These updates are designed to meet the evolving needs of our mobile sales reps, ensuring they have access to robust communication tools wherever they are.

Source: HubSpot

With this latest iteration, mobile sales reps can now enjoy a host of new features, including composing, replying, and forwarding emails directly from any mobile CRM record, whether it's a contact, deal, company, ticket, or custom object.

Additionally, users can streamline their email communication process by using the convenient '+ > email' floating menu within the HubSpot mobile app on iOS and Android platforms. 

Why is it useful?

This enhanced mobile sales email experience isn't just about convenience; it's about empowering sales reps to stay productive and responsive while on the move. By providing seamless access to critical email functionality within the mobile app, HubSpot ensures that sales teams can maintain momentum and engage with leads and clients in a timely manner, regardless of their location.

Whether you're closing deals from a coffee shop, following up on leads during your commute, or managing client communications from a trade show floor, HubSpot's mobile app delivers the tools you need to drive success in today's fast-paced sales environment.

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Service Hub

Help Desk Emails now have Skill Based Ticket Routing

HubSpot is excited to introduce skill-based ticket routing, a game-changing feature that revolutionises how customer inquiries are handled within our Help Desk and Service Hub Enterprise offerings. With skill-based routing, incoming customer inquiries are intelligently matched to the most qualified agent, ensuring swift resolution of issues and delivering an exceptional customer experience. By leveraging associated customer and ticket information, administrators can create customised rules to route inquiries to teams or individual users with the relevant skills and expertise.

Source: HubSpot

This new functionality represents a significant advancement in ticket routing capabilities, allowing HubSpot customers to route inquiries more granularly based on various criteria such as customer, company, email content, and more. Gone are the days of creating multiple email domains (e.g., support-europe, support-spanish) to manage routing across different teams. With skill-based routing, customers can streamline their routing processes and eliminate the need for cumbersome workarounds.

One of the key benefits of skill-based ticket routing is its adaptability. Instead of relying on static user lists, routing rules are based on skills, allowing for more flexibility and resilience, especially in environments where workforce dynamics are constantly changing. This means that even as teams evolve, routing rules remain effective, ensuring that inquiries are consistently directed to the most qualified individuals. 

Why is it useful?

Ultimately, skill-based ticket routing empowers HubSpot customers to optimise their support operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver superior customer service. By matching inquiries to agents based on their skills, organisations can resolve issues more quickly, improve agent productivity, and ultimately, drive greater customer satisfaction. With HubSpot's skill-based routing, the path to exceptional customer support has never been clearer.

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Explicit View/Edit Permissions for Feedback Surveys

Source: HubSpot


This latest update from HubSpot brings a significant enhancement to administrative control over user permissions within the platform. Admins now have the ability to finely tune access to "Feedback Surveys" for users with "Service Access."

This means that admins can determine whether individuals within the service team should have access to feedback surveys, granting explicit permissions for viewing and editing as needed. The use case for this feature is clear: many customers desire more granular control over who can create, edit, and publish feedback surveys. Instead of providing blanket access to all service team members, organisations can now restrict permissions to specific individuals or teams.

By doing so, they ensure that only the most qualified and appropriate team members reach out to customers for feedback collection purposes.

Why is it useful?

This level of control not only enhances security and data integrity but also allows organisations to tailor their feedback collection processes more effectively. By empowering admins to grant permissions based on job roles, expertise, or other criteria, companies can optimise their feedback strategies, resulting in more meaningful insights and improved customer experiences.

With enhanced administrative controls over feedback surveys, organisations can maintain tighter oversight while empowering their teams to engage with customers in a targeted and efficient manner.

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Operations Hub

Two-way activity sync now works with more Data Sync Apps

HubSpot is excited to announce a significant enhancement to our data synchronisation capabilities with the introduction of two-way activity sync for select data sync apps. Previously, these apps only synchronised their data inbound, but with this update, HubSpot users can now enjoy bidirectional syncing of activities. The data sync apps benefiting from this update include Copper, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and Outreach.

This update opens up a wealth of possibilities for users who rely on these data sync apps to streamline their workflows and keep their systems aligned. With two-way activity sync enabled, users can now ensure that their activities, such as emails, calls, and meetings, are synchronised seamlessly between HubSpot and their chosen data sync application. This means that any updates or changes made in one system will be reflected in the other, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of discrepancies. 

Source: HubSpot

Why is it useful?

The use case for this enhancement is clear: by expanding our capabilities to support outbound synchronisation of activities, we empower our users to maintain consistency and accuracy across their systems. Whether they're managing customer interactions, tracking sales activities, or coordinating marketing campaigns, users can now rely on HubSpot's robust synchronisation capabilities to ensure that their data is always up-to-date and accurate.

Overall, this update underscores HubSpot's commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower our users to work more efficiently and effectively. With two-way activity sync now available for select data sync apps, users can take full advantage of HubSpot's powerful integration capabilities to streamline their workflows and drive better results.

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Custom Code Descriptions

The option to include a description of custom code actions is now available. Now, when creating custom code actions, users have the ability to provide a brief description, which will be displayed on the action card when viewing the workflow.

This addition serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, it simplifies the workflow-building process by providing additional context for each action. With a brief description readily available, users can quickly understand the purpose and function of custom code actions within their workflows, reducing confusion and streamlining the development process.

Furthermore, the inclusion of descriptions promotes better collaboration among teams with varying skill sets and levels of expertise. 

Why is it useful?

By providing clear explanations of custom code actions, individuals with different backgrounds and levels of technical proficiency can more easily understand and contribute to workflow creation. This fosters a more inclusive and collaborative environment where team members can effectively work together to achieve shared objectives. In summary, the ability to provide optional descriptions for custom code actions represents a significant enhancement to the workflow-building experience in HubSpot. By promoting clarity and encouraging collaboration, this feature empowers users to create more efficient and effective workflows that drive results for their businesses.

Source: HubSpot

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Commerce Hub

New Stripe payment processing (BETA) now available in HubSpot Free Tools

This groundbreaking feature allows users to collect payments directly within the CRM and leverage the billing and invoicing capabilities of Commerce Hub. By integrating with Stripe as the payment processor, users can seamlessly accept credit card or ACH payments from customers, streamlining the payment process and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Why is it useful?

For businesses utilising HubSpot Free Tools, this new functionality represents a significant opportunity to expand their capabilities and drive growth. With Stripe payment processing enabled, users can easily manage transactions, generate invoices, and track payments directly within their HubSpot account. This integration not only simplifies the payment collection process but also provides users with access to robust reporting and analytics tools to monitor their revenue streams and identify opportunities for optimisation.

The use case for Stripe payment processing within HubSpot Free Tools is clear: by providing an intuitive and seamless payment solution, businesses can enhance their sales and revenue generation efforts while delivering a superior experience to their customers. Whether you're a small startup or a growing enterprise, Stripe payment processing opens up new possibilities for monetising your products and services and accelerating your business growth. In summary, the availability of Stripe payment processing (BETA) for HubSpot Free Tools users represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to empower businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to succeed. 

Source: HubSpot

With this integration, users can leverage the power of HubSpot and Stripe to streamline their payment processes, drive revenue growth, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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CRM Platform

New list creation flow & the ability to sort by when records were added

HubSpot has rolled out three significant updates to enhance the list creation experience, providing users with greater flexibility and efficiency in managing their data:

  1. Real-time visibility during list processing: Users can now see records that meet their filter criteria while the list is still processing. This feature enables users to analyse a subset of records during the list creation process, ensuring that they align with their expectations and criteria.

  2. Immediate access to all records upon list completion: As soon as a list is complete, users will have access to all records that meet the filter criteria. This ensures that users can confidently utilise the list for various purposes such as email campaigns, reporting, or automation without waiting for the entire list processing to finish.

  3. Sorting by 'Added to List Date' column: Upon list completion, users can sort by the 'Added to List Date' column, allowing them to track the performance of their lists over time more effectively. This feature provides valuable insights into the dynamics of list membership and enables users to monitor changes and trends efficiently.

These updates offer tangible benefits and address common pain points in list management:

  • Enhanced visibility: Users can now have real-time visibility into list processing, allowing for better validation and verification of list criteria.
  • Improved efficiency: Immediate access to all records upon list completion streamlines workflows and eliminates unnecessary waiting time.
  • Enhanced analytics: Sorting by the 'Added to List Date' column provides users with valuable insights into list performance and effectiveness over time.

Source: HubSpot

Overall, these updates represent HubSpot's commitment to continuously improving its platform's usability and functionality, empowering users to make data-driven decisions and achieve their business objectives more efficiently. Whether you're analysing data, running campaigns, or tracking performance, these enhancements make the list creation experience smoother and more intuitive.

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Opt-out cookie consent banner type

HubSpot's new 'opt-out' banner expands its cookie management toolkit, which is particularly beneficial in regions with less stringent data privacy regulations. Unlike 'opt-in' banners required in strict areas like the EU, this feature allows default user tracking with the option to opt-out, ensuring compliance while optimising data collection in applicable regions.

Source: HubSpot

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Customise default deal name

Admins can now personalise the default deal name for deals created from existing records, including contact, company, and custom object records for Enterprise customers. By utilising personification tokens and/or static text, customers can configure the default deal name to align with their naming conventions, reducing data quality issues and streamlining the data entry process for reps.

Source: HubSpot

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Suspicious Login Alerts

Introducing suspicious login alerts: HubSpot now sends email notifications to admins when detecting unfamiliar or risky user logins, allowing for swift follow-up and response. This feature enhances admin visibility and enables quick action in response to potential security incidents, ensuring the integrity of HubSpot accounts and user access.

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In conclusion, HubSpot's commitment to innovation and user-centric design shines through in its latest updates, which aim to address key pain points, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance in an ever-changing landscape.

By listening to user feedback and proactively adapting to industry trends, HubSpot remains at the forefront of empowering businesses to achieve their goals and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of modern-day operations, they can rely on HubSpot's platform to provide the tools and support needed to thrive in a dynamic digital environment.

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