HubSpot Marketing Automation Platform leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

By Indira Carino

For the second consecutive year, HubSpot has been recognised by Gartner® as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant™ for Marketing Automation Platforms.

The Magic Quadrant is a way for decision-makers in any industry to get an objective look at their competition. Each year, Gartner produces research compiled from interviews and analysis that provides valuable insight into where the market stands concerning technologies in a specific area, giving you a wide-angle view of the relative positions of the market’s competitors.

According to Gartner, Leaders provide functionality that supports all assessed B2B marketing automation functional capabilities, most notably customer profile management, lead scoring/qualification, analytics  & measurement, and integrations with other applications.

The broad support enables Leaders to consistently meet client needs across all three core B2B marketing automation use cases (new customer acquisition, customer retention/upsell, and account-based marketing). They are also designed to address the needs of global, large enterprise clients. Leaders provide deep integrations with complementary systems, such as CRM/SFA, ABM and digital commerce platforms, whether third-party applications or solutions within each Leader’s broader product suite. Leaders have expansive product roadmaps, demonstrating a commitment to helping customers unify customer data and manage a consistent experience across the customer life cycle. 

Marketers want and need power, ease and support to help them scale. Built on top of HubSpot’s commerce-powered CRM, Marketing Hub is designed to give marketers real-time access to their customer data and tools in one easy-to-use and powerful platform. Thanks to HubSpot’s support network, robust partner ecosystem of thousands of solutions partners and more than 1,100 integrations, the platform can also be extended to meet marketers’ unique needs at scale.

With Marketing Hub, marketing tools, data and reporting are all in the same system, so marketers don’t need to waste valuable time juggling engagement or reporting across multiple-point solutions.

Marketing Hub is both easy and powerful with all the support and resources you need to grow better. And today, we feel Marketing Hub got a new feather in its cap.  

We’re excited that Gartner® has identified HubSpot as a Leader in B2B Marketing Automation Platforms. Put simply; we think that Marketing Hub is pretty great. But don’t take our word for it. Learn more here.











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