Why You Should Use Landing Pages on Your Website

By Rafael Camacho

Every inbound marketing professional understands that once you’ve made all the necessary efforts to drive traffic to your site, the next major step is to turn those visitors into long-term customers. One of the best ways to do so is by using landing pages.

A landing page, also known as a destination page, static page, and lead capture page, is a single web page that appears in front of a user when they click on an online ad, marketing email, marketing promotion, or an SEO search result.


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Landing pages are an effective marketing tool as well as improving website design user experience and come with various benefits. Here are some of the key reasons why you should use landing pages on your website:


Achieve Your Business Goals

Landing pages directly provide your online business immense support. They help you reach new niche markets, gain new clients, promote new products and services and even close more sales. You can cater these pages to your targeted audience or business goals and measure the success of your organisation accordingly.

They help you encourage your website users to take specific actions such as providing their contact information, making purchases, requesting a consultation, subscribing to newsletters and signing up to be included in your mailing list.


Increase Your Conversion Rate

Similar to your website, your landing page includes relevant information that encourages a reader to take a specific action. It explicitly states the action and provides a method to execute it efficiently. These actions are known as calls-to-action, that entices your readers to respond immediately and helps you form long-term relationships.


Increase Credibility

Landing pages specifically focus on providing a specific path to the user. When you provide your audience with clear instructions and simple courses of action, they understand that you are on their side. They also realise that you are dedicated to helping them achieve their desired goals and solve their problems through the best possible process.


Create Brand Awareness

Your landing page should be designed in a manner that its look, copy, style and feel is consistent and connects to the content that links to it. Consistent branding is a key feature of a landing page, and it helps in improving brand awareness for a company. Also, it provides readers with better opportunities to engage with your business and brand and recognise it every time.


Track Data

The data stored through landing pages can easily be recorded and tracked using platforms that automate this process for you. The saved data might help you understand your potential customers and their interests. You get to know if a visitor on your website has downloaded some specific offers and if they are ready to make a purchase soon. You can also track the performance of your

 marketing campaigns and compare data from various offerings to see which one’s working the best.

Other benefits of using landing pages on a website include improved paid search campaigns, growth in email list, optimised promotions of services and products and more. Enhance your landing-page game today to increase conversio

ns, drive organic search traffic and capture more qualified leads!

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