Importance of a Mobile Responsive Website

By Rafael Camacho

As technology is rapidly taking over the world today, the usage of mobile phones is also skyrocketing. With such increasing popularity of mobile devices, you need to design your website to adjust as well as respond to them with maximum efficiency by making a mobile responsive website design.

While a regular mobile-friendly site may look good on mobile phones, it might have many glitches. Moreover, you might find it difficult to navigate through it. On the other hand, a mobile responsive website allows your online platform to adjust to any screen size; this means that no matter what device your visitors are using, they won’t notice any huge difference in the general appearance of your platform and still have a great user experience. Here are some reasons describing the importance of a mobile responsive website in detail:


Increased Mobile Users

While you can have two separate versions of your website, the process is quite high-maintenance as well as time-consuming. Developing a mobile responsive website ensures increased traffic from mobile users and that your website stays in business no matter on what device the user is browsing.


Lowered Maintenance Costs

Unlike handling two different website versions, running a mobile responsive platform allows you to save up on maintenance costs. While the cost for setting it up is relatively higher, the reduced maintenance expenses do make up for it. Also, this practice is less time-consuming, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that maintaining a single website is easier than juggling between two versions. Growth-driven website design approach works perfectly with is, as it is an agile development in intentional increments, minimazing risks by focusing entirely on data, maintaining the costs down.


Adapts to Any Screen Size

The best part about developing a mobile responsive site is that it is ready for all devices, and it easily adapts to any screen size. After creating such a versatile platform, you’ll be way ahead of your competitions. Additionally, your visitors won’t leave your website out of frustration and disappointment.


Exceptional User Experience

The main purpose of creating a website, especially an e-commerce platform is reaching as many individuals as possible and increase your conversion rate to a great extent. Therefore, providing your users with seamless and exceptional user experience is, by far the best advantage of having a mobile responsive website.

When an Internet user starts browsing, they don’t want to experience jumbled texts, misaligned images and endless pages. They need to be able to use your website seamlessly and smoothly. Therefore, we believe that it might be worthwhile to plan your budget, invest in web design and forget about the unnecessary loss of traffic.


Improved SEO Efforts

Last but not least; mobile responsive sites have a greater chance of achieving a higher rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). The high-quality content in combination with an SEO content strategy and a user-focused experience will also make visitors stick around for a longer.

In conclusion, developing a mobile responsive website design can allow you to save a lot of money, reduce maintenance time and help you convert more customers in the long run.

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