How to Use Smart Web Forms to Capture More Leads

By Rafael Camacho

The first step to executing a successful sales process is lead generation. If you are an inbound marketing professional, you must be well-aware of the fact that scoring high-quality leads is one of the essential parts of your marketing strategies. The best way to generate a steady stream of leads is through your website.

Your website allows your targeted audience to learn more about your business. Therefore, you mustn’t take your visitors for granted; as they could become a loyal customer. While there are multiple ways to capture virtual visitors, a web form might be the most effective one.


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When placed strategically, web forms using progressive profiling technology, which is basically a "smart form" that detects if a contact has filled information before, personalising the experience can help your audience get in touch with you, access relevant information, provide feedback, and report issues with ease. Here are some simple tips to help you use smart web forms and capture more leads:

Use Mandatory Fields

While filling out online forms, most users tend to leave the optional fields blank. Only make use of fields that are important and relevant and make them required, ensuring that the forms submitted will be complete and won’t be missing any key details.

Offer an Incentive

Offering incentives such as downloadable resources like eBooks, tip sheets, white papers, etc. in exchange for personal information can provide a good and fair reason for potential customers filling forms. Moreover, those downloads can help you understand your leads in a better manner, helping you to determine their needs and figure out how your solution can help them.

Ask the Right Questions

While you’re executing your sales process and implementing your online marketing strategies, you need to find out if a visitor has the potential to become a lead. Gather information such as whether your potential lead has a budget for the solutions you have to offer, whether they’re qualified to purchase what you’re selling, etc.

If your products and services have specific requirements when it comes to buyers, use a drop-down list in your form to narrow down your list of prospective clients.

The success of digital marketing campaigns is directly proportional to the success of website lead generation. Having a growth driven website along with a strong content marketing strategy is essential to make your site to a lead generation machine and convert those leads into long-term customers. This ongoing effort requires continuous testing, measurement, and optimisation of content and design. 

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