Cat Media Receives Phenomenal Inaugural Review on Clutch

By Gianpiero Tomassoni

With countless brands out there today, content is the great divider. Content marketing efforts are more critical than ever because great content doesn't just make an impression; it connects you with your audiences. We at Cat Media know how to create unique and impactful content and solutions that boost you towards your goals that are relevant to your ideal buyer.

Located in Dublin, Ireland, we are a proud Hubspot Solutions partner — a rare achievement in this country's digital space. Since our inception, our goal has always been to bring you the best competitive edge that will separate you along with the greats, helping you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges aligning your customer-facing teams with the right technology, strategy and content.

As we expand our team further and reach more locations internationally, the whole Cat Media team is hugely excited to announce that we've finally made our debut on Clutch. Happy Days!

Clutch Cat Media profile


Known for its massive collection of data-driven content, Clutch is an independent B2B market research and review platform from Washington DC. The site publishes extensive content to help browsers and potential clients learn more about the right service providers. So, for our marketing agency was very important to be present on such an important platform and be able to connect with ideal customers.

Now that we took the leap, we're incredibly thankful to see what our clients have to say about us. We got our first customer review from Andres Rodríguez, the Marketing and Sales Manager of Easypurge, a manufacturing company based in Spain.

The review for our content marketing, web development and CRM implementation efforts features excellent ratings across the board. We were given five-star ratings for the quality of our work, scheduling and project management, cost ranges, their willingness to refer to us, and their overall satisfaction.

Check out what they had to say about our team!

"The Wow effect is unique. They always add the details to blow your and your customer's minds. They became an extension of our team. I am absolutely delighted by their service and our results." Marketing & Sales Manager, Easypurge.

When our client said that we became part of their team, we were lost for words. It's a huge honour for us to work with our partners in teamwork; we are happy with the many goals we have achieved together, that they appreciate our hard work and we continue growing together.

Thank you so much to Easypurge for their trust and support! We're thrilled to have your excellent review on our Clutch profile! We look forward to unlocking more incredible milestones with you.


Clutch Cat Media Review


Read our full Case Study about Easypurge marketing and CRM implementation.

Aside from our great review on Clutch,  you can also find our Growth Agency on Top Design Firms — a new B2B platform encompassing the design, development, creative, and marketing industries. According to their newest research, Cat Media ranked the top web design companies this 2021; WOW to that!

This recognition shows how versatile our team is. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to show what we do. We're excited to climb the ranks even higher next year and achieve more great feats!

Let's hear your story! Please send us a message, and let us connect to know more about each other! Our team of developers, strategists and designers are stoked to work with you.


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