Call-to-Action Phrases that You Should Have on Your Website

By Rafael Camacho

Are you experiencing a lot of traffic on your online platform, but not enough customers? Do you see leads leaving your website without performing any action? One main reason websites suffer from low conversion rates is ineffective calls-to-action (CTAs) on their sites when planning the website design and the marketing strategy.

Every time a visitor on your site navigates through it, a CTA prompts them to take a specific action. Not adding the right CTAs in appropriate places on your website might cause your viewers to leave in confusion. While attractive call-to-action phrases are essential for conversions, certain ones work better than others.

The success of a CTA greatly depends on your business type as well as your targeted audience. However, here are some common effective call-to-action phrases that might convert in a variety of situations and help you earn noticeable revenue:

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Try it for free!

Most of the business websites have a free offer as is one of the most convincing CTA of all. While readers can convert the word ‘free’ to ‘worthless’ in their minds, you need

 to prove them wrong with your offering, providing rich and valuable information.

You can offer your readers a free toolkit, pack of templates, or a trial offer. These little incentives are known as lead magnets. They help you convince your targeted audience to join your contact-list in exchange for a little something they desire.

Yes, I Want ‘X’!

This affirmative phrase speaks in the voice of the reader. The ‘X’ in the phrase can be free shipping, a free download, or a discount. These CTAs help you plant a seed. While your potential customer might not understand their personal needs, reading an affirmative phrase as such might create a positive connection between them and the offer.

Hurry! You’re Running out of Time

This classic call-to-action works almost every time! It reflects two psychological principles - scarcity as well as urgency; both of which work well when utilised in moderation. As they say, less is more. Some variations of this phrase include:

  • Hurry up! Limited stock available
  • Limited time offer – Get your discount now!
  • Don’t miss out on this offer!

Add to Cart

Popular online stores such as Amazon and Walmart use this CTA on their sales pages. There are times when simplicity trumps creativity. The ‘Add to Cart’ option allows consumers to create a wishlist without having to make a purchase right away. This way, your prospective customer doesn’t find the need to think too much. Moreover, it’s highly likely that sooner or later, a user’s cart will entice them to buy the products on it – resulting in more conversions for you.

  • Some other effective CTAs include:
  • Start your journey towards X!
  • Activate X today!
  • Would you like to X? Yes or No
  • Start the quiz
  • Reserve your spot today!
  • Up to X% off!
  • Get started
  • Sign up for free
  • Click here for more information

Call-to-action phrases might not seem like a big deal to you for your business’s success until you start collecting relevant data. Test new CTAs and pay attention to your viewers. HubSpot has incredible useful CTA examples and templates for you to start to improve your business metrics and optimise your marketing strategy.

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